Radar Detectors, Cheetah C50, and Waze in Brazil?

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02 Ago 2013, 19:48

Oi gente. Descuple, mas meu Pourtuguese e lixo e eu nao posso falar "intelligente" se eu precisos falar em anglais ... I hope some of you can can understand me and respond in English (sorry again :( )

I am curious to see what Brazilians are generally using to fight laser/radar and speed cameras. It is my understanding that radar detectors (Bel, Escort, Valentine 1) are illegal in Brazil but do people still use them? Do the police (federal and military) regularly look for vehicles with radar detectors (RD)? Do the police use radar detector detectors (RDD) to seek out people using RDs? Do the police give out big fines for people using RDs?

Secondly, I know Brazil loves speed cameras! Probably as a way to generate revenue like most places but I see them everywhere. I visit Brazil once a year and usually travel from Sao Paulo to Tupa to Guaraja and back to Tupa. What legal devices to Brazilians use to protect them from speed cameras ... Waze? Cheetah C50 with Trinity subscription? RDs with GPS and Defender subscription? Escort Live? Or, is there a community that manages a Points-of-Interests (POI) database for Garmin and TomTom GPS devices?

It looks like MapaRadar.com is a pretty big community so any information would be much appreciated. My next trip to Brazil is in December so I want to ready myself before I go.

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02 Ago 2013, 21:46

Such devices are useless in Brazil. The speedometers here are not laser based but mechanical trigered by sensors digged into the ground. Antiradar as well any other defensive gadget are prohibited anyhow.

What we do is recording the sensors coordinates and build a database for a GPS use, then when you approach to a speed camera the Gps warns you about the limit and the position so you can still safe. It's very looked alike a POI data base.

I'm proud to tell you Maparadar is the best, larger and precise radar data base in Brazil. We offer for free data to almost every existing GPS or software.
Our cordinates are revised by a very experienced military jet pilot (a Retired Colonel) .
Fell free to contact us as you need. I personally wil be pleased in helping you here.

Consider visit Rio de Janeiro, I bet you will appreciate much more than Sao Paulo.Believe me!

By the way our drivers are Kamikazes the